Ovation 1778-T Elite
Purple Flame

Merci beaucoup à Ed Van Uden de Elst/Pays Bas pour ces superbes photos
Cliquez ici pour lire l'histoire de cette guitare
Many Thanks to Ed Van Uden from Elst/The Netherlands

for these very nice photos
 Click here to read the story of this guitar


Your ultimate guitar…: Don’t search and you’ll find!!

This is my story.
As usual I was just a little surfing on the internet… Some guitar-sites…just looking what passed by…And then…suddenly….she appears. A flashy flamed lady..Une femme fatal!

I wasn’t searching for a new guitar. I didn’t have the money for a new guitar. But I had to have this one. I knew she would be mine!

Actually I wasn’t very well informed by Ovation guitars. But I knew that this guitar was a special one.

I couldn’t sleep, was only thinking about how to get her. I called the guy who was selling her. He lived about 70 kms away..I had to visit him.

This guy has connections with someone from the Kaman-company in the States.When there’s  a special Ovation or Hamer guitar, he is informed and has the opportunity to send the guitar over to Holland. And so is this one; my Purple Flame!

After several days I got into my car and within one hour I was standing in front of the flightcase…opened it …and…wow…what a beauty!!  DEAL! SOLD!

My Purple Flame is a very limited production of the Flame-series. Finish (front and back!) is created by motor-cycle-customizers. The painted flames are fabulous!
The guitar colour changes every time, because of variated light-angles. Gold, orange, red, purple, brownish, blue…You can see it on the pictures!

Ev’ry time when my guitar is on stage, people come to me to ask all about my O. And I love it!

So this is my story, and let me tell you this..: Don’t search for your ultimate guitar.., she’ll simply pass by!!

Ed van Uden
Elst, the Netherlands

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