Ovation Elite CE-768-WBX
Custom Bubinga
"George's Music Guitar Gallery"

Merci beaucoup à Patrick McGuire des USA pour ces très belles photos.


Many Thanks to Patrick McGuire from USA
for these very nice pictures.


Ovation Custom Bubinga Elite CE-768-WBX

A very rare (possibly only ten) Custom Elite deep-bowl made with a stunning Waterfall Bubinga top for a music store’s anniversary.
The top is a laminate with a core of Birch sandwiched between two thin slices of Bubinga much like the structure of an Adamas.
The sound is full and rich and the aesthetics of the guitar are quite striking.
The original “hand-rubbed” urethane finish on the neck has been redone in gloss and the original pearloid tuner buttons
have been replaced with buttons made from buffalo bone.