Adamas I 1687-B
Prototype #0079-96

Merci beaucoup à Kazuhiro Gamo du Japon pour ces très belles photos.


Many Thanks to Kazuhiro Gamo from Japan for these very nice photos.

The description of this unique model:

 "This adamas is 1687-B(brown)serial number 0079-96(the suffix 96 is
the guitars natural frequency responce), so this would be the third
production adamas sold.The label inside the guitar is personally
signed by ovation founder Charles H Kaman and is dated Jan 1978, it
also has the model 1687-B and serial number 0079-96..The other unique
thing about this adamas is the color.Brown was offered as a color
option later in production but not this darker shade of brown.The
regular brown color was a two tone burst finish with much lighter
sand brown finish.
In my feeling, the neck was a bit thin than mass-production early
Adamas. Plus, the leaf ornament on the headstock was made in 2
pieces. The ornament was glued on the base headstock plate."

(Jan, 1978)