Color Code (Follows hyphen after model number)
1 Sunburst
2 Red
2WFB Red Waterfall Bubinga
3 Green
4 Natural
4C Natural Cedar 
4G Natural Graphite
4GB Natural Graphite Burst
4HFX Natural w/HEXFX Electronics 
4RM Recording Model that features Optimax
5 Black
5E Ebony Stain
5F Black Flake
5HG Black High Gloss
5P Balck Pearl
6 Top White Pearlescent
6P White
7 LTD Nutmeg, Anniversary Brown, Tan and Beige, Deep Red 
8 Blue
8T Blue Transparent
9 Brown Sunburst
30CM 30th Anniversary Natural
AB Autumn Burst
AM Amber
ANR Antique Red
ASB Aspen Blue
B Barnwood (Gray-to-Black Sunburst) 
BCB Black Cherry Burst
BCBQ Black Cherry Burst Quilt
BFT Blue Flame Top
BG Blue Green (Adamas)
BSB Blue Sparkle
BSB Blue Surf Burst
BTA Blue Tamo Ash
BZ Bronze
CB Cobalt Blue
CBV Cobalt Blue with VIP Preamp
CCB Cherry Cherry Burst  
CCBQ Cherry Cherry Burst Quilt
CG Cadillac Green
CGB Cadillac Green burst
CRP Crimson Red Pearl
CS Cherry Sunburst
DBP Dark Blue Pearl
DPQ Deep Purple Quilt
FKOA Figured Koa
FR Figured Redwood
GQ Green Quilt
H Honey
IC Iced Coffee
HB Honeyburst
LFR Legend Figured Redwood
LR Lusty Red
M Mahogany
NB2 Solid Red
NB5 Solid Black
NB8 Solid Blue
NEB New England Burst
NMQ Nutmeg Maple Quilt
NWT Natural Woven Top
OB Opaque Burgundy
OFT Orange Flame Top
P Pewter
PB Plum Burst
PTF Purple Tribal Flame
PY Plumburst on Sycamore
RB Rootbeer
RF Red Flame
RG Ruby Graphite
RR Ruby Red
RRB Ruby Redburst
RTD Red Tear Drop
RTDB Red Tear Drop Burst
RWB Red Wineburst
SS Silver Sparkle
SSP Silver Satin Pearl
T5 Textured Black
TB Tobacco Burst
TDB Teardrop burst
TH Transparent Honey
TPB Transparent Burgundy
VY Vintage Flamed Sycamore
WP Walnut stain
WP White Pearl
Z All Black (all black hardbody guitar, hardware and finish)