Ovation "EurOFC'" Gathering
First Edition

20 & 21 July.2007

Cette rencontre des membres Européens de l'OFC a eut lieu en Allemagne
dans la région de Nuremberg.

Un immense Merci à Karl ainsi qu'à son épouse Sigrid pour leur
hospitalité et leur gentillesse!!

Merci également à M.Regnet de l'usine Schaller pour sa disponibilité.

Cette 1ère édition fut un grand moment et je suis sûr qu'il y en aura d'autres
dans le futur...

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This gathering of the European OFC members was located in Germany
in Nürnberg area!

So many thanks to Karl and his wife Sigrid for their hospitality
and kindness.

Many thanks to M.Regnet from the Schaller factory for his didponibility.

This first edition was great and I'm sure that others will follow
in the future...

The arrival at  Karl's house

The visit of the Schaller factory

With M.Regnet from Schaller

Some case in the living room...

Picking Karl's OFC Slothead guitar at the custom's services

Karl and Tom and their beauties

A bunch of Adamas

4 Slotheads and a carbon case!!

We've had the choice during these days

Kurt, Karl, Tom and Jérôme

A very nice duet !!!
(Karl with his OFC guitar and Kurt with an Applause Uke)

Tom playing his "Custom Brown"

Some Beatles songs

Karl with Kurt's Josh White RI

Sigrid and Silvie

Some wonderful pics

Karl and I

My first attempt on Karl's Ovation "Book" bass guitar

An outstanding "J.Lennon" RI

Slotheads only...

3 of Lost Art Vintage custom guitars

Tom, Jérôme, Kurt and Karl

Karl preparing the BBQ for the diner

The fire camp

Karl and Dominik during the night

Some picture from the old city of Nurnberg