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Celebrity CS 148

Message par Detlef Schwerter » 17 Fév 2017 11:30

Hi all you Ovation lovers out there,
I need some help in a strange case: I just bought a used Ovation Celebrity Mod. No CS 148, made in Korea. It's an electric acoustic guitar with a brown sunburst quilted maple top (maybe birds eye, I can't see the difference), cutaway and a op24+ preamp. The soundhole rosette is the typical Celebrity one. I did a lot of recherche in the internet on that model, but I can't find anything about it! It doesn't appear in all the catalogues that are published here, the german Ovation Sellers couldn't help me, a post in an Ovation forum did get me no answers and I'm finally believing that this model never was built or sold! There are exactly 2 of the kind offered in the web - one in Germany for 789 €, one in Italy for 230 €. There must be someone out in the www who knows something about this guitar! I always like to know something about the guitars I play, but this is really weird!
I'd be very thankful for every kind of information,
thanks in advance for your kind help!
Detlef Schwerter
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