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Factory Reconditioned Label

Message par Boppinal » 06 Mars 2018 23:31

Bonjour mes amis Francophones!

Desolé, j'avais pas compris que le forum était uniquement Francais!

Si vous voulez repondre a mes questions en Francais, aucun probleme.


I just restored a Black Ovation Celebrity CS 257, and I'm very curious about its' origins.

It appears that the CS257 model was produced between 1997 -2001.

My guitar has a brown sticker with a 9 digit S/N 311530065, stuck on top of the Celebrity Kaman Korea label inside the sound hole of the guitar.

It also has a second, partial S/N starting with 57; which is on the remaining portion of a torn sticker inside the back of the guitar; right at the butt end of the neck.

Right under the partial S/N is a black "Factory Reconditioned Guitar" label.

Is it possible that the reconditioned S/N 311530065, breaks down, with 311 indicating reconditioned, and the 6 digit guitar S/N could be 530065, which would make this a 1998?

From the "Date your Ovation" S/N chart; a 6 digit S/N starting with 57 would have been manufactured in 2002 or 2003, after the CS257 model was discontinued.

Does the "Date Your Ovation" chart" apply to Korean made CS257 guitars?

It also has "USED" stamped in the back of the headstock.

It has a rectangular OP24+ preamp, however the "Ovation Manufacturing Decoder" chart lists the CS257 model having the OP30 preamp, which is a totally different shape.

According to the Ovation manufacturing decoder, the CS257 had a shallow bowl.

The thickness of my CS257 lying on a table is 4 inches; is this a shallow or a super shallow bowl?

Is it possible that this guitar was repaired with the shell of an 02 or 03; hence the partial S/N starting with 57, and the OP24+ preamp?

Does anybody have any thoughts on the brown sticker, the 9 digit S/N, the discrepancy between the partial S/N and the production period for the CS257 model, or the apparent incorrect preamp.

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