I need Insight on aftermarket machine tuners for CS 257

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I need Insight on aftermarket machine tuners for CS 257

Message par JeffF. » 14 Juin 2019 2:18

Hello, and thank you for reviewing my need:

I have two CS 257 guitars (from different periods) Celebrity models.

Both sets of machine tuners are weakening, and I would be grateful for any suggestions (based on your personal experience) for aftermarket tuners that do not require redrilling of any sort--the latter requirement is essential, please.

The Grover (series 102 Rotomatics) set visably looks like a match, but that is merely an unmeasured appearance. I do not have precise measuring tools to determine matching specs with aftermarket products, so your experience is deeply valued.

I am including photos so that you may determine if these look like what you may have replaced with an aftermarket set--Grover or another aftermarket brand. (I'd like to find a balance between pricing and quality: around 14:1 ratio would be fine, and I am unconcerned about the plating--nickel or chrome is fine.)

Please note that the rear housing of each model appears to be exact, only the buttons are different: One is white pearloid and the other is gold plated. Both housing units appear to be exact when looking at them side by side.

Thank you very much for your time reviewing this post if not able to assist--JeffF.
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CS 257 all gold machine tuners--rear closeup.png
CS 257 with white pearloid buttons and gold housing--rear view.png
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